August 02, 2006

Look – She Reads!

I signed up for SRP with the idea that I would rekindle my love of books. I used to read every day, I always had a book in hand, but as I got older it faded away. I buy books on a whim and leave them ignored on shelves, afraid of being disappointed and wasting time. Unlike other more talented people, I can’t knit and read so it’s one or the other and usually knitting wins out.

But I do have a few books to report:

It – by Stephen King (1104 pgs)

~~ Derry, Maine is a typical small town, at least on the surface. But underground, in the sewers, a creature lays in wait. Something is killing the children of Derry, something that feeds on fear itself, something that lures its victims with the face of a clown. Do you dare look into the Dead Lights?

I love It, I read this book at least once a year. It’s the only horror novel I’ve ever found that gives me the shivers while I’m reading. And don’t say you’ve seen the movie, it can’t compare.

Magic Kingdom For Sale – Sold! – by Terry Brooks (384 pgs)

~~ The catalogue offered the impossible, a real magical kingdom complete with dragons, fairies, magic, wizards and a throne for the buyer, a chance to be King for a mere million dollars. Ben Holiday was a man losing himself. A powerful Chicago attorney with no faith in the justice system, a widower whose dead wife haunted his every moment, the advertisement was the chance to escape and begin again. The only problem was… he got exactly what it promised.

I got this book in an Oklahoma thrift shop just because the name intrigued me. Turns out it’s a great novel. Fantasy and reality mixed nicely together make this book a satisfying literary meal. Fun and captivating, I suggest it to anyone who enjoys fantasy.

The Black Unicorn – by Terry Brooks (320 pgs)

~~ Ben Holiday has ruled as king in Landover for a year and the kingdom is thriving. Dreams of a troubled friend back in Chicago send the man returning home, only to find all is well. But all is not well when he returns to Landover and finds his appearance has been stolen. Alone and unrecognized, except by his most dangerous enemies, Ben must find a way to break the spell over him before the imposter-King captures the mysterious Black Unicorn and destroys all of Landover.

The second of 5 Landover novels, it’s as well written as the first, a quick and fun read. I finished it in a few hours on Sunday and I considered it time very well spent. I’m looking forward to reading the last 3 books in the series. Once I buy them.

In fishy news, my little guys are still holding strong. Yesterday I invested in some medicine (and at the price I paid believe me, it WAS an investment) and within a few hours of adding it to the water both fish were showing serious improvement. Their rails have stopped rotting and both are swimming strongly and eating. I’m very optimistic that by the time I finish the dosage (3 more days of treatment to go) they’ll be good as new and growing their tails back nicely. Thanks to everyone who sent healthy thoughts their way, I know they appreciate it.


Deb said...

Oh - I love "It"! But only the book - hated the movie, as with most adaptations of Stephen King's books.

Yea Fishies - get better soon!

Chris said...

Go fishies!!

I just put that first Terry Brooks book on my hold list at the library - thanks for the recommendation!

Peevish said...

IT was good, but The Stand was better!