August 04, 2006

Fun at Work

*While packaging up some tile samples for architect approval*

Me: Wow, these tiles are ass ugly.

Male Co-Worker: Yeah, they’re pretty bad. Sort of a puked up avocado green… they’re pretty retro though.

Me: We call it retro because it’s old, ugly and past its time… Of course I’m sure you can remember when it was the height of fashion.

Him: OUCH!

*while gossiping with other female co-worker about pointless stuff*

Big Boss Man: Wow, secret meetings. What’s all this about?

Mary: Oh nothing really.

Me: We’re just plotting our hostile take over of the company.

BBM: Hell you don’t need to do that, I’ll give you the keys.

*hearing that my being sick last week got 2 other people in the office sick*

Me: Well you know I’m really working for a competitor of yours. Bringing the company down from the inside. Muhahahaha!

Other Big Boss Man: *standing right behind me while I’m acting like an ass* Always good to know…

Some days it amazes me that I haven’t been fired yet.

Happy Friday!


Dana said...

We seem to have the same sense of humor. It's a wonder I have a job most days, I'm the only one in the company that can rip on the boss and not fear for her job.

My favorite movie line: "They're called boobs Ed".

I use that whenever relevant.

Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

Hee hee - sounds like me at work some days. Hope you're having a cooler day out at the Faire!

Peevish said...

My Big Boss Person gave me the "Biggest Bullshit of the Day" Award on Friday. Heh.