August 17, 2006


I was so excited when I got home from work today to find a nice little box waiting on the doorstep for me. It was from Chris, my prize package from her Haiku contest.

The yarn is a hand dyed wool in the craziest pink I've ever seen. Now those who know me know that I'm not fond of pink, but with the black it's not bad. I've already started knitting it. I'm going to try the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style.

There were other goodies inside the box as well. 2 CDs, a really funny card, a book that I'm looking forward to reading, a bar of chocolate with Chaos eyes on it, a cute little note pad and a so cute you could die sheep pez dispenser.

On my way to my parent's house for spaghetti dinner I stopped at the store and found something I've been looking for for a while now. I'm not too fond of the off-white carpeting in my room so I've been on the look out for a throw rug. I finally found one that goes perfectly with my decor.

Here's the room before:

And here's after:

It's really soft and has all the colors in my room. Soft green like my bed spread, black like my curtains and closet cover and red like my papasan chair. You can see a closeup of the design in the pictures above. The picture sucks but I really like the way it makes my room look. And no, my room is not as small as it seems.


mrspao said...

Lovely package - she does come up with the best packages, doesn't she?

The rug is really lovely. I think they make places really homely. :)

Chris said...

I think she meant homey, not homely! Hee hee... The rug looks great.

I'm glad you like the prize!! I'm not that fond of pink either, but there's just something about pink and black that totally works.

Deb said...

She does make lovely packages - and lovely yarn too! Congrats on winning. The rug makes a huge difference in your room. It looks very cozy.

Leah said...

I love the crazy pink yarn!! It's so fun! Congrats on winning!

That rug really does make a different! It looks really great!

Peevish said...

Nice! The rug is just right!

And what a cool prize package! I'm not a big pink person, but when it's combined with black like that, it's very cool.