September 28, 2006

Every Year the Same Thing!

Every year, in January, I swear to myself and the knitting world that I will not subject myself to knitting presents next year. That I won’t put myself through the torment, the suffering, the pain and frustration of knitting to beat the clock on December 25th…..

So I was planning out my Christmas knitting for this year (hehe) and plotting out my knitting ‘assignments’ for each night up until X day and I realized that if I start this early, I may just make it with my sanity intact. Of course there are no guarantees.

The list stands thusly:

5 scarves
3 hats
2/3 pairs of Mrs. Beetons (I have the cutest idea for these but I have to knit up a test pair to see if they’re going to work out the way I’m hoping.)
1/2 cowl(s)
1 blanket (not really intending to have this finished by X day but I can work on it anyways. Still trying to bang out a pattern for it. I’ve got solid and variegated yarn that I’m working with.)

In my dream world I also can finish a sweater for Zoe, but I think that might have to be saved for her first birthday (!!) in January.

Side note: Holy crap, I just ate a Milkyway bar and my heart is going like… 280. When you give up soda even the caffeine in a chocolate bar can get you going. Especially when you eat chocolate maybe once a month.

I’m still looking for scarf patterns for a few of the yarns. I’m making a Misty Garden from Scarf Style in Noro Silk Garden Lite but otherwise I haven’t quite decided what to do with the other yarns. Possibly a Midwest Moonlight in something very soft. I still need to place the order over at Knit Picks so I’m sure once I have the yarn in my hands it’ll start talking to me. I really don’t love knitting scarves but I’m hoping I’ll learn to love it.

But before I can work on any holiday knitting I have to finish up my Tiny Tunas, I finished 5 more of them last night, and my oldest UFO to date; the KIKASS pocketed shawl that I still haven’t finished. My mom asks me about it. Every. Single. Time. She. Sees. Me. I think she’s anxious to get it.


Peevish said...

I've given up knitting to any kind of schedule whatsoever. As soon as I have a deadline, I resent it, the stubbornness kicks in and it's all over!

mrspao said...

I agree with Peeve :) I'm not doing any Christmas knitting!

Chris said...

I agree with Peeve and MrsPao - no deadlines! No goals! Just knitting fun fun fun till your daddy takes your t-bird away. ;)

That said, of course I'm going to do some Xmas knitting, but I won't be sufficiently stressed if I start it now...