September 26, 2006

A Strange Ride

I had the weirdest drive to work this morning. It was just one thing after another. Though I have to say I absolutely love the bite in the air, the chill, the stillness that you don’t get in summer, as if the whole world is trying to stay very still just to stay warm. This is my season.

Anyways, back to the drive. So first there are these two trucks, driving side by side, and the drivers are chatting or something so they’re driving like… 2 miles an hour. When they finally break apart and the traffic jam behind them clears up I’ve got this guy who apparently wants to drive his car through the crack of my ass. He was that close! I don’t know how he wasn’t nudging my bumper every time I slowed down a bit. At one particularly long light I wanted to get out and check to see if the sports section had been taped to the back of my car or something like that.

I think the evil death looks I was giving him through my rearview mirror got through to him because he backed off. He’s lucky I wasn’t fully awake yet or I might have been tempted to go 2 or 3 miles an hour just to be an ass.

A bit further in my journey to work I happen to glance in the trusty rearview mirror again and what do I see? Go ahead… guess.

Yup, a man up to his elbow in nostril excavation. Either that or he was itching his brain. Who does that in their car? I mean, come on… I know it seems private because of the doors and stuff but there are windows everywhere.

Strange, strange drive. Mostly I’m amazed that I was conscious enough to really notice anything.

I still have Vegas pictures to share, but I’ve been super busy at night and haven’t had a chance to post them. And I probably won’t have time tonight because I have a hockey game! Yes! It’s hockey season again! And my dad and I got full season tickets this year so I’ll be at hockey games every weekend and some week nights until I think May. Hurray!


Leah said...

Sorry about your crazy driver! I hate that so much. Really do you think it's going to make me speed up because it's not. It's only going to piss me off & make me drive 5 miles an hour.

Hockey will be a nice way to forget about it though!! I love me some hockey! :)

Chris said...

Yikes, sounds like an annoying drive to work, actually!

Peevish said...

Yep, my response to tailgating is to just. slow. down.

mrspao said...

Oooh weird. I would agree with Peeve.