September 24, 2006


Yesterday we celebrated my grandpa's 79th birthday with a small celebration at their house. To help in the celebraion I decided to knit a birthday cake hat for him to wear at the festivities. I used stash yarn and the pattern in my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar.

Isn't he the cutest old man alive? He likes to introduce himself as "The Grandfather" and loves to tell stories about back in the day.

In other knitting news I finished a sock last night, started the partner and have been working on my Socks for Sheep donation.

I have knit about 12 Tiny Tunas, but I keep giving them away to people, which means that my supply is constantly shrinking. I have 8 right now. And I plan to knit 2 or 3 a night until I have the promised 50 for Socks for Sheep charity. The deadline is October 27th so I have more than enough time.


Jennifer said...

Ooo, what sock yarn is that, I really like the color! Also, very cute Tiny Tunas. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! I like the hat you made him, but don't remember seeing the pattern in my Knitting Pattern a Day Catalog. What day was it on?

Krysia said...

What an adorable hat and "The Grandfather" looks so cute wearing it. It looks like Vegas was so much fun. Glad you had a good time.

Peevish said...


Your grandfather looks cool in that hat!

mrspao said...

Great hat!!

Chris said...

Love the hat! Congrats on your sock. And I am amazed - 50 tiny tunas? You go, girl!