September 05, 2006

Long Weekend and Day 1 of Vacation Prep


The Faire was great. It was a beautiful day, my costume was very comfortable, I got to walk in the Queen’s parade like a cast member and I found the perfect shirt, on clearance! And we had Robin Hood and Little John prancing around in a multicolored feather boa. Yes, I have pictures.


The little Podunk county fair was… interesting. I was called Cityfied. And I wasn’t even doing anything! Apparently the way I was standing quietly off to one side and waiting for the rest of the group to catch up with me was both offensive and City-like. Then I went and hung out in the sheep barn area and pet the sheep.

There was a sheep costume contest. Someone had their sheep dressed up like Cher. I was very, very, very amused. And kinda scared.


The last day of the Faire was MISERABLE! It was wet, it was rainy, it was muddy and it was COLD. I don’t mean chilly, I mean groups-of-people-huddled-together-to-share-the-warmth-of-their-bodies-why-can-I-see-my-breath cold. It rained the entire time I was there, I was soaked, I was freezing cold and I certainly wasn’t having any fun. I ended up leaving at 2:45 or so. If I wasn’t going on vacation this weekend I probably would have stayed all day, but getting sick is not an option. I stayed just long enough to say goodbye to the people I wanted to. I had my heat going full blast on the drive home and when I got home (at 4 o’clock thank you very much traffic grrrr) I dove head first into the hottest bath I could tolerate and stayed there for nearly an hour.

Side note: Even though the street is very muddy and slippery and you’re shuffling along at a snail’s pace, don’t shout out to a friend in the distance “Oh yeah, at some point today I will be going down. And it’s going to be messy!” Because then people turn and stare and laugh. Not that I yelled that. Really loudly. Around a lot of people. Who pointed and laughed.


With only 3 full days (today doesn’t count cause it’s not a full day) until I leave on vacation it’s time for the preparations to begin. Today’s agenda:

Walmart for travel supplies
Bank for traveler’s checks. (I’m still debating the amount. $300? $350?)


Leah said...

Cher? What? That is just weird. Poor sheep!

Yay for vegas! You are going to have a great time!!

Chris said...

Did you get pictures of that sheep?! Yowza.

mrspao said...

Ooh fun - so did you get pictures of the sheep?

Peevish said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see the pictures!