September 07, 2006

One… Day… Left!

That’s it people. 1 single full day. 37 hours and 44 minutes by my Google countdown clock. And I still have TONS to do!!!

Last night was the washing and the cleaning. But then I started packing so the cleaning kinda got undone. So tonight is the recleaning and sub-packing. For those of you who don’t know, sub-packing is the packing of items that you don’t mind getting wrinkled. Usually this consists of:

Bathing Suit

Other clothes, such as shirts, skirts and dressier pants will be packed tomorrow night. Well… tomorrow afternoon likely. I get off work at 4 and I’ll probably be flying around my house like a maniac getting things done. I’m still debating whether or not I should even bother going to sleep that night. I probably won’t sleep anyways and I have to be up at 3 to get ready for my flight, my ride is going to be at my house at 4 to pick me up.

Ugh… I need a tums. I’m giving myself anxiety indigestion.

37 hours… 11 minutes…

Oh and for those of you who were asking about pictures of the Cher sheep – no, I didn’t get any. The owners were really snippy when I asked them why their sheep was dressed up and when I stood around for a picture the husband kept giving me evil looks and muttering to his wife when he turned around. So I ran away. But tonight I promise I will post a picture of the very lovely Robin Hood in a boa. Little John too.


mrspao said...

I'm all excited for you!!!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

YAY! Little John and Robin in a boa....ahhhhhhhhhhh, the little things in life.... :)

Hope you have an awesome time in Vegas sweetie and remember,

What happens in Vegas...

can only be prosecuted if there is substantiating evidence... :)

Love ya!


Peevish said...

I'm with mrspao - I'm so excited for you! And really - if you're going to dress your SHEEP up like CHER you have to expect the funny looks!

Carrie K said...

Exactly! What's the point of dressing your sheep up if you don't people look at them oddly and take pictures? What is this world coming too.

Maybe if you made him a Loopy Doll......

Chris said...

Hee hee - beware the Loopy Doll! It will GET HIM.

Anyway. Hopefully you can relax a bit! I'm stunned at how much thought/effort you put into packing. I just pack a little empty spritzer bottle to fill with water and spritz away the wrinkles...