September 21, 2006

More Vegas


While in Vegas I headed over to Madame Tussaud's, the wax museum. I was very excited because this museum is "interactive" which basically means you're allowed to molest the statues as much as you want. They're not roped off or anything else. They want you to get up close and personal with them.

Now... there is a subtle theme in some of these pictures. Try and see if you can spot it....



Think if I joined the cast we could get Buffy going again? She seemed a little stiff while I was there.

I could so steal Simon's job.

Ok, this I feel needs some explination, lest you all think I just enjoy molesting wax figures. If you enlarge the photo there is a plaque behind my back that says "Make J-lo Blush!" and instructs you to grab her ass. I just had to try it and it works! You grab her ass and her cheeks glow. We tried to get a picture but it didn't show up. So I just look like I'm copping a feel.

The Govenator!

I don't think I'm the bunny type...

But that didn't stop me from cuddling up to Hef!

Next post: More Madame Tussaud's and scenes from the strip


mrspao said...

What fun!!! You look so happy which is fantastic :)

Chris said...

LMAO - great pictures!

Diane said...

These are hysterical.