September 18, 2006

Where To Begin...

I was NOT ready for my alarm clock to go off this morning at 6. That's probably the worst thing about coming back from a vacation. That first early morning wake-up. Very painful.

But you didn't come here to listen to me whine about waking up. I know what you want. You want the dirt on Vegas.

Lets see... where to begin...

I only lost $35 to gambling. The rest was drinking, food, entertainment and trinkets.

It was hot there. Nasty hot. The hottest day was 99 degrees. You'd walk outside and that sun would hit you and damn, you felt like your skin was going to melt off.

I think perhaps the coolest thing I did was the Haunted Vegas Tour, a 2 and a half hour bus tour around Vegas to where the ghosts of Sin City roam.

The show started out at the Greek Isles casino where we met our host for the night. After a short show we boarded the bus and headed out. I'll give you a brief going's over of what we learned.

This is the Stratosphere. Several people have lept off of the top to their death. The ghost of one unfortunate jumper haunts the up escalators. The 16 year old boy was arguing with his parents. He scaled the 8 foot chain link fence, crossed a 6 foot concrete moat, another 18 foot fence before turning, smiling and waving to his parents and then diving off the 1149 foot tower. He was 3 inches thick when they scraped him off of the ground. His veins were almost completely filled with cocane.

The next stop was the Flamingo hotel, where Bugsy Siegel lived. Where his apartment once stood is now a wedding chapel. The tour guide encouraged us to take pictures through the glass doors of the chapel, as often a light has been seen.

The light in the upper corner is my flash. I didn't see anything in the picture but often a fresh pair of eyes can help. Check it out and see if you see anything.

We also stopped at a park where 3 ghosts have been reported. The ghost of a pioneer woman searching for the graves of her husband and children who were killed in an indian attack and the ghost of 2 boys who were murdered by a pedophile.

I pulled out the dowsing rods and began walking around. When I got near the picnic table where the 2 boys have been seen my rods began doing the craziest thing. The right rod was dead still, pointing to the left, but the left rod was spinning. It would spin in one direction several times, come to a sudden stop as if someone grabbed it, then start spinning in the opposite direction. Seconds later I snapped this picture:

If you enlarge the photo you can clearly see 3 well defined orbs of light. I flipped when I saw this picture, I was so excited.

The Haunted Vegas Tour was way cool. Tomorrow I'll tell you about Madame Tussaud's, the wax museum.


Chris said...

Ok, that's weird with the orbs!

Leah said...

I LOVE ghost tours! We take them anytime we visit a new city!! I can't wait to hear more about yours!

OH & congrats on not losing your shirt!