October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Well I had a lot of ideas for the Final day of Fright.

I was going to tell you all about Elizabeth Bathory, a Countess who is rumored to have killed and bathed in the blood of over 650 girls in her quest for eternal youth and beauty. She was eventually arrested and walled up inside her bedroom with only a small hole in which food and water were pushed through daily.

I was going to tell you about Vlad the Impaler, the man that history has dubbed Dracula. His alleged atrocities against men, women and children are so horrible that I won’t go into great detail. None were safe from his bloodlust, he murdered young, old, noble, common, guilty and innocent without hesitation.

I was going to write about different haunted locations. Locations such as:

Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Illinois – Often referred to as the most haunted spot in the state, investigators and visitors have had countless experiences at the cemetery. Sightings include colorful orbs of light that seem to dance around, the two-headed specter that rises from a lake rumored to have been a dumping ground for mafia murders, a phantom house that disappears as it is approached and the spirit of a woman that investigators fondly refer to as Mrs. Rogers.

The Tower of London, England – If there is a place for tortured souls to roam, it is here. The sight of countless executions and deaths, torture and cruelty, the tower has many reported sightings of ghosts.

Hickory Hill, Illinois – A house used as part of the reverse underground railroad, used to return freed people back into slavery, the attic of which is arranged rather like horse stalls, equipped with chains and posts for whippings. Only one person to date has been able to spend a night in the attic, beating 150 other attempts.

San Antonio, Texas – The ghost of several children killed in a train accident when their bus stalled on the tracks are said to be standing guard to prevent it from happening again. The story states that if you stop your car on the tracks and put it into neutral the ghost children will push your car UPHILL over the tracks. Putting baby powder on the bumper of your car before the attempt is said to reveal child-sized handprints where the ghost children pushed you to safety.

I had lots of ideas for the last day, but I just couldn’t figure out which to write about…


Chris said...

LOL! Tricky!

Debi said...

This series has been so cool and interesting!! Thanks for posting it! Happy Halloween!