November 01, 2006

No TV November!

Last night’s trick or treaters were sparse, but cute. Only one kid tried to pull the basket of candy away from me and he was young enough that it was cute instead of obnoxious. I had about… 7 or 8 kids who showed up sans costume, but all of them did some very fast thinking when I challenged them on what they were supposed to be.

In between trips to the door I watched TV and let me be the first to tell you, there was CRAP on last night. And yet… the TV stayed on and I continued to watch it.

This got me thinking about television and the horrible habit that I have of watching it regardless of whether or not there’s anything good. I started doing some math…

I get home about 4:30. The TV goes on. At some point my knitting starts to call for me so I get it and set it in my lap and continue to stare. I go to bed around 11 most nights. That’s when the TV gets turned off. That’s 6 and a half hours of sitting, staring and melting my brain. Multiply that by 5, you get 32 and a half hours of my work week taken up by television viewing. We won’t even bother looking at the weekends, their completely wasted, I assure you.

TV is quite possibly the worst addiction that I have. And I don’t even watch soap operas or prime time shows or anything like that. No House or Grey’s Anatomy or Survivor.

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So I’m giving it up. For one month I’m going to unplug the television and see what happens. What books will I finally read? What knitting projects will I finally complete? What short stories will I finally write when I’m forced to keep myself entertained?

Or will I just go completely insane? Either way, it should make for some interesting blogging.

(Yeah yeah, I know my button sucks. I’m not a graphic designer, that’s for damn sure. If anyone wants to make me a new button I’d happily use it. If anyone wants to join in, feel free to steal the ugly button.)


mrspao said...

Audio books :)

Brandie said...

Good luck to you over the course of the next month!
I am not ready to pull the plug on TV myself, but I certainly could stand to significantly lower the amount of television viewing I (and my children) watch each day!

Tammany said...

I think this is an excellent idea! I don't care too much for TV myself and my husband is addicted. I support you 100% in this! Good luck!

Chris said...

Good for you!! Audio books and training yourself to read while knitting.

I haven't turned my TV on since... um... April? Or so.