October 18, 2006

Not Ketchup! Catch up!

Well… I missed my 2nd blogiversary. It was Friday, I totally blanked on it.

So… Happy blogiversary to me! (Belated anyways)

It seems that the closer I get to my birthday the more immature and childish I’m acting.

Example: This past weekend while I was home I decided to watch more cartoons than anything else.

Example: At the season opener for the Wolves I made a sign that said “Hey Skates! Will You Marry Me?” (Skates being the team mascot, a big wolf)

Example: Last night I got home and had for dinner, in this order, ice cream, M&Ms, chocolate milk and finally Shrek shaped mac & cheese and a hotdog without a bun.

I think I’m regressing. I’m a little alarmed at how I’m going to act by the time my birthday pulls round the bend. Should I be pricing sippy cups or go straight for bottles?

In knitting news, I think I’m going to have to switch back to metal needles since I’ve been doing so much knitting the wooden ones are starting to get scorch marks from the speed. I finished another hat and a scarf over the weekend, got a few more rows done on Zoe’s blanket and started plotting out different holiday gift patterns. I’ve got a lot of Mountain Colors yarn to use up and I want a nice pattern that shows off the colors so I’m still debating stitches and stuff. I haven’t found any prewritten patterns that I’ve fallen in love with. Well, I take that back. There is one but when I sat down last night to try and knit it the instructions made no sense what so ever and I gave up. It had 4 yarn overs in a row, without any sort of stitch between them, then didn’t clarify if you were supposed to knit into each YO or drop the stitches or what.

In other news, do you all remember me talking about the Haunted Las Vegas tour that I took in September? Well I recorded my spooky experience with the dowsing rods and sent it off to the Anything Ghost podcast. When the podcast gets broadcasted I’ll link to it so you can all hear me babbling about spooky stuff. I had a lot of fun recording it and I think that if it’s well received I might do a few more of other strange experiences I’ve had, once I get a decent microphone. I recorded this one with my MP3 player and you can hear it, now and then, shifting and whirring as it records.


Chris said...

Belated happy blogiversary!!

Scorch marks. Heh. ;)

mrspao said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

Birthday? When's that then?