November 30, 2006

*Hic* *Hic* *Hic*

Second day in a row people. I’m just about ready to shoot myself in the head.

And I don’t just get the little hiccups. The small, unannoying little *hic* that barely shifts you in your chair.

Oh no, not me. I get HICCUPS. You can hear me from yards away. And it makes answering the phone at work just oodles of fun.

“Good mo-*hic*-rning, W.B. Blahb-*hic*-bityblah, how can I *hic*-elp you?”

And don’t you just love those people who walk past, hear you suffering through your hiccups and make it a point to stop and ask “Hiccups huh?”

No, no I’m making these idiotic noises for fun. I think it makes me look sexy. Especially when it catches me mid-inhale and instead of a *hic* it’s more the sound an angry bull elephant makes.

I think it’s the sudden change in weather. We’ve been enjoying some very unseasonable warmth but apparently tonight, depending on who you talk to, we’re supposed to get between 6 and 18 inches of snow.

And one of my co-workers just royally pissed me off by informing me that 2 weeks worth of work I’ve done, which others were praising as “perfect” “beautiful” “really well done” and “exactly how I was hoping it would turn out” was done wrong and that she would have to do it all herself.

I am SO buying yarn on my lunch.



mrspao said...

Look there's a heffalump!

(that was meant to surprise you and stop you from hiccuping)

What did you buy?

Deb said...

Don't worry - the cold weather is coming soon - we're sending it from MN!!

Chris said...

Ye gads, I so hope they're gone now. Hiccups HURT.

Traceyleezle said...

*LOL* Oh sorry, this wasn't supposed to be a funny post. OK, your not the only one with those kinds of hiccups, and isn't it weird how they kind of hit you for a couple days in a row before making a retreat. Spit in said coworkers coffee. OH sheesh, did I say that outloud?