November 22, 2006

This 'n That

First I’d like to thank everyone for their responses to my last post. The entire situation is very upsetting, I’m going to miss having Zoe in my life. Last night I was shifting through some knitting and found a blanket in progress for her and nearly cried. I might finish it and just mail it over to them.

Anyways, on to somewhat happier things.

I’m a little ashamed at how long it took me to sew 18 buttons onto 2 different sweaters (12 on one and 6 on the other) last night. Though having said that, I’d like to see what it’ll take to get these buttons to fall off. I have before and after pictures to share with you, I’ll post them once I get home. The sweaters both came with buttons that I can only describe as… wrong. Faux pearls on a tan one and dark tortoise-shell on a periwinkle blue? Um how about no?

In knitting news, well… I’ve got nothing. Except for a sock that’s nearly ready for the toe decreases and won’t match its mate because I lost the pattern. I checked at the hockey rink but it must have gotten thrown out and I haven’t been able to find it in local shops. If anyone sees Fiber Trends pattern AC36 – Helen’s Favorite Sock Pattern grab it for me and I will reward you muchly with stitch markers, a spiffy knitter charm bracelet, yarn, chocolate or possibly sexual favors. (I REALLY like that pattern)

This week’s knitting and reading goals:

1. Finish Scarf A – SnB cabled scarf pattern
2. Start and Finish Scarf B – Mistake Rib
3. Start Hooded Scarf – Spiffy pattern can be seen here!
4. Finish sock – With the unmatchy toe
5. Finish reading A Study in Scarlet, Part 2, The Country of the Saints
6. 2 Repeats of Beastly Blanket of Doom! (Henceforth known as the BBD)

No real pictures today so I offer you this instead:

Caption Away!


mrspao said...

I saw Lolly has knitted it - she might be able to get you a copy? I'll see if I can find one here.

mrspao said...

Oh and caption: Oh my, we've left the mental floss at home again..

Peevish said...

Caption: "You bitch! You SAID you weren't going to wear yours!"

Debi said...

I love Peevish's caption!

Can't help you with the pattern but if you look at the finished sock, I'll bet you can "read" your knitting. If you have a scanner and/or a decent pic I'll read it for you if you want.

Chris said...

Man, nothing can top Peeve's caption!!

Have a happy turkey day. :)

Traceyleezle said...

Have a great turkey day, sorry, I agree with Chris, Peeve's got the gold on this one. Have a great Thanksgiving.