November 19, 2006

Well That Sucks

Last weekend was so good and I'm rather curious as to what sort of crappy karma I earned this past week that would make this weekend just so... craptastic.

Saturday I had a falling-out with Zoe's mom. She's been frustrating me for a good long time now, calling me only when she needs a babysitter or someone to listen to how fabulous her latest boyfriend is, doing the abrupt hangup on me if I call her needing/wanting to talk and otherwise just being a pain.

Friday night she called as asked me if I wanted to go out to the bar with her. Just the two of us. I was really pleased and said yes. She got there before me and by the time I got there she was already three sheets to the wind. I sat down and ordered a drink and she informs me that she's leaving. Gets up and ditches me to go across the street and sit with her boyfriend at Denny's. I ended up going over there at some point to "sober up" (not that 2 drinks did me in) and she, who is still drunk, proclaims: "You know the first thing I thought when you told me you were going away to school is 'Oh crap, I'm losing my best babysitter'" Then asks me if I'll babysit on Sunday for her. I agreed.

Saturday we had plans to go to the mall. She was pissy as all hell when she got there and at one point when I teased her about never putting Zoe into the sweater that I'd made for her, she proceeded to tell me in great detal what exactly sucked about my first sweater and why she couldn't put Zoe in it, but then assured me "I'll let her use it for her dolls." She left about 5 minutes later.

*EDIT* This is the horrible sweater that Zoe cannot be forced to wear. Maybe I'm biased but it looks fairly decent to me...

I got home and had a good cry and then e-mailed her and told her how I was feeling and that I thought it best if we had some distance for a while because I'm not her personal babysitter, I was under the impression that I was her friend.

Her response to my heartfelt e-mail was, and I quote, "knew that was coming"

The worst part about all this BS is that I'll probably never get to see Zoe again and I love that kid to death.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I lost my sock pattern at the hockey game, so now my sock toes won't match.

I'm going to hide until Monday.


mrspao said...

Big big hug. That really is terrible. I'm sad for you and Zoe.

Chris said...

Yikes!! Zoe's mom sounds like a massive user (the "I'm your friend when I need something") and not a good friend. I had a friend like that last year and am sort of ashamed how long it took me to realize how toxic she was. She has no place in my life anymore.

I know it's especially hard in this situation because of Zoe - but you have to figure out how to take the best care of you...

Diane said...

What an awful friend! How hurtful for you to have this person around. You've got some hard choices to make and I hope you make them thinking of what's best for you. If watching Zoe makes you happy then continue to while keeping mom at a distance. Unfortunately as we grow and change our friends don't always grow and change the same way.


Traceyleezle said...

Ugg. You, my dear, deserve better. That is an adorable sweater and I would gladly put my baby in it and show it off to everyone telling them who made it and all. Your friend, doesn't really sound like very much of a friend at all. I'm so sorry. Sending many hugs your way and wishes for a much much better week.

Anonymous said...

You deserve better than that. The sweater was beautiful. I think your "friend" needs to reevaluate her priorities.
I hope your week got better!

Leah said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about all this! You really do deserve better than that.

It sounds as if she is a user and major manipulator and you don't need that in your life.

I hope things improve this week!!


Melissa said...

Look at it as an opportunity to find someone more supportive as a friend.
Sorry that happened and the sweater looks great to me.
You can still see Zoe, just do it on your terms. Call and ask to take her somewhere when you want to. If her mom is that into getting a babysitter, then I'm sure she'll let her go.

Debi said...

I think the sweater is just lovely and would proudly have any child of mine wear it!

In addition your "friend" sounds like a real jerk and not someone you need in your life, too bad Zoe is stuck with her!

Peevish said...

Urk! That sucks that you have to miss out on Zoe because her mom is such a twat!