December 07, 2006

Alert The Media!

I was just struck speechless.

Two weeks ago my boss came up and gave me my Christmas bonus check. It was exceedingly generous. I double checked with him to make sure there hadn’t been an error when the check printed. He said there hadn’t been. I was stunned.

Monday of this week I was given a brand new coat, with the company seal on the right chest. When they said “Everyone is getting one” I naturally assumed I would be excluded. Why would they buy me one? But they did. It’s the warmest coat I’ve ever owned. The bill came in the mail a few days ago, they paid $100 for each coat.

Ten minutes ago the owner of the company came up and asked me to step into his office. I was petrified, I’ve been pretty sluggish today so I thought I was headed for a scolding. Instead he and his brother, the other owner, told me that, though I’d already gotten my bonus from my boss, they both wanted to give me something extra to show how much I was appreciated. Then they gave me a Macy’s giftcard. Enough to give my whole wardrobe a pretty good boost.

I almost started crying on them. I told them both how much I love working there and how good they are to me.

I swear they all know I’m leaving in the fall and they’re trying to bribe me into staying.


mrspao said...

Well done you! You are great!

Deb said...

There are wonders all around us!

Chris said...

Yay!!!!!! I am SO glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve!!! And are you feeling healthier?

Tracey said...

Oh my Gosh! That's fantastic! Wowser, I have never received a Christmas bonus period, let along TWO! OK, waffle a little bit, as though you might stay, see what else they can come up with for bribery. LOL!
How's our sick KnitWit anyway?

Brandie said...

Wonderful!!! You have to appreciate generosity like that =)

Diane said...

Hey let them bribe away! For the holidays my company (a huge national healthcare insurance company) sent me a package with 3 staples brand notepads, 3 pencils, a new generic 2007 calendar, some of that sucky cheap chocolate (threw it out), a box of generic pens (didn't write threw them out), and a broken lollypop. Nice after 16 yrs with the same company.