December 07, 2006

I Think I Have The Plague

Last Saturday, whilst shopping with my mom and sister, my mom locked her car keys inside the car. In the ignition. With the car running. So we had to stand by the car while we waited for the cops, so that no one smashed in a window and drove off with the car.

Oh, did I forget to mention that all I had on was a sweatshirt? And that it was about 20 degrees out? Yeah, I stood outside for a good hour. Thank goodness I had a hat and gloves with me.

My body has been sort of in debate since then. Slight feeling of uckiness but nothing real bad. Will I get sick or won’t I? Consciously I keep telling myself NO! I’m out of sick days so if I get sick it’ll cost me money. Plus who wants to be sick?

Well I think my body has finally decided. And it wasn’t the choice I wanted. Last night I didn’t sleep well, I’m over at my parents’ house to watch Kari while they’re IN THE BAHAMAS (lucky bastards) and it was freezing and uncomfortable and I was up and down all night. Now I’m drippy, nose and eyes, and I feel like someone poured concrete into my nasal passages last night and they’re slowly hardening. And my eyeballs hurt.

5 sick days a year just isn’t enough.


Tracey said...

Feel better soon, make some homemade chicken noodles soup. Go get some of that Country Time lemonade mix and make it only make it with hot water and add some honey. Oh and drink apple cider every day, the vinegar content gets rid of colds fast AND prevents them. Gooood Stuff! Drink alot while your sick and a teeny glass a day to keep from getting sick. Ok, hope some of this has helped.

mrspao said...

Poor you - hope it clears up quickly!

Chris said...

Hope it passes soon! Heh, we don't even get "sick" days anymore - we get "PTO." Hmph.