December 21, 2006


My mom has decided 2 things.

1. That she hasn't gotten me enough for Christmas


2. That she won't buy me more knitting related stuff so I have to think of something else to tell her.

I have NO idea what to tell her.

Knitting has consumed my life!

Cool. :P


mrspao said...

Yay for your mom! Maybe you can ask for something for your course next year?

Chris said...

But... but... not knitting related?! *blink blink*

How about a pony?

Diane said...

There are things out there that don't relate to knitting? What?

Tracey said...

Hmm, ok, is there something that isn't yarn that she won't recognize as a "knitting item" like a swift? or a ball winder? yarn dyes? (which also masqaurade as fabric dyes). If all else fails...ask for a BMW!