December 22, 2006

Bah *beep*ing Humbug!!!!

I was so in the holiday spirit. Then people had to ruin it.

I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute items. I checked out and was all but tackled by a security guard on my way out. He actually grabbed my arm... so not allowed.

He proceeded to demand my receipt and check EVERY SINGLE ITEM against it. When everything checked out ok (as if it wouldn't) all he said was "Fine, you can go now."

No apology. Asshole.

Then I headed to Jo-Ann's and found a great magnifier light combo that the shelf said was $32.99.

It rang up as $99.99. When I pointed out the error they gave me the run around for a while before finally telling me, basically, "Too bad, so sad for you. We don't honor our errors, even though ALL of the lights were marked that lower price."

I was so in the Christmas spirit, but now I'm feeling remarkably Scrooge-like.


Diane said...

Some people just suck! And if a security guard laid a hand on me I'd have went nuts.

mrspao said...

That's awful.

Chris said...


traceyleezle said...

Oooh, and next time, ask to speak to the manager. They HAVE to honor their mistakes (wink)

traceyleezle said...

People stink...esp. at Christmas time, I try to be extra freakin cheary just to annoy them/make them feel guilty. It works, so I've stuck with it.