December 11, 2006

Knitter’s Christmas Songs

I’m bored, here are some fun songs for the knitters:

Deck The Halls (tune of Deck The Halls)

Deck the halls with skeins of Yarn
Falalalala Lala La La
Knit so much you’ll lose an arm
Falalalala Lala La La

Scarves and mittens go together
Falala Lalala La La La
Warm them in the chilly weather
Falalalala Lala La La

Now the day is fast upon me
Falalalala Lala La La
Say goodbye to my sanity
Falalalala Lala La La

Oh if only I could knit quicker
Falala La Lala La La La
Screw the egg nog, pass the liquor!
Falalalala La La Laaa LAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

DPN’s (tune of Jingle Bells)

DPN’s, DPN’s
My brain has gone away.
What on Earth made me think I could
Knit a sock a day? Hey!

DPN’s, DPN’s
I’ve got so far to go
Why did I decide to knit these things
On size double zero?

Rushing through the cuffs
Next I’ll turn the heels
I’ve gotta get these damn socks done
I guess I’ll skip my meals!

Short row heel or not?
Lace or a plain rib?
Where did that damn pattern go?
Well I guess I could ad-lib. Oh…..

DPN’s, DPN’s
I must have been insane
To promise socks to Uncle Bob
Frank, Mary, Sue and Auntie Jane. Hey!

DPN’s, DPN’s
So much for a quiet night at home
The sock is done, the toe is closed
Oh god not second sock syndrome!!!

(I wrote these, please don't steal them without giving me credit. Thanks!)


Chris said...

LOL - these were great!! I wonder why accursed bloglines isn't picking up blogger blogs right now?!

Diane said...

Very cute .... will look forward to your first CD coming out next haoliday season.

Tracey said...

Holy crap woman! Those are fantastic. I love it, and so full of truthful wisdom.

Panda said...

Very cute. I feel like "DPNs" with my Christmas knitting!

Anonymous said...

deck the halls made me laugh. i knit kitchen towels and i feel just like the song. thanks