December 28, 2006

Life Is Kinda Crazy In A Spooky Little Room Like Mine

Scene: My cozy, happily cluttered, comfortable bedroom two days after Christmas. Knitting books scattered everywhere, half-empty gift bags spewing their tissue paper guts all over my floor. Its night, the house is quiet, Kelly has been battling to fall asleep for the better part of 3 hours but it’s finally come and she’s beginning to doze.


I just about had a heart attack. Two thoughts went through my head very quickly. “My TV just fell over.” And “Dear god, my fish tank just collapsed.”

Neither of these two things happened, thankfully. What did happen, though, was weirder.

Above my television there is a little shelf that has a bulletin board, 3 signed hockey pucks, a small wooden chest with a stone etched with my zodiac sign on it, a candle and a picture of the dog I had when I was little.

It was as if someone had taken their arm and swept all the items off of the shelf. Everything was scattered on the floor and behind the television. There was no reason for this to have happened.

I cleaned up the mess and brought my heart rate down to the low 100’s before climbing back into bed. It took another hour or so before I fell asleep again. Then my ceiling fan started to make this weird noise. Then my whole room felt like it was vibrating.

I have a roommate and I think it’s the boogeyman.

Think he’ll split my rent with me?


Chris said...

WEIRD. I wonder who gave you a cursed/haunted gift?? ;)

Diane said...

I wouldn't ask him to split the rent. After the unprovoked shelf incident who knows what he'd do.

Traceyleezle said...

I think you should make him split the rent with you. Hee hee, reminds me, last night I slept in my daughter's bed while she is in NY as the hubby is sick w/ a bad headcold and quite frankly, I don't want it...again. So, around 4ish the tape holding up the jingle bell Christmas garland to her bookshelf gave way and it fell. Cripes! About gave me a freakin' heart attack...and I kicked the sleepin' puppy of the bed and halfway across the room. I got out of bed, yanked the stupid noisy garland the rest of the way off and went back to bed, minus one "scared-of-mom" dog. I think he slept under her desk w/ one eye open watching me the rest of the night.