December 23, 2006

Bring It ON!!

Setting: Old Country Buffet
Time: Thursday the 21st, 7:30pm

Me: Blah blah blah *eat eat eat*

Lil Sis: Hey Kelly, do you know what I want for Christmas?

Me: What's that?

LS: I want you to knit a sweater and a hat for my bitty baby

Me: You want me to knit a sweater for your baby... for Christmas... which is 4 days away?

LS: Pleeeeeease?

Me: I'll... I'll do my best. I promise.

LS: *big grin* You're the best big sister.

Me: *surge of panic and doubt* Yeah... I'll do my best sweety.

So I went home and cast on the sweater. I used a preemie sized pattern. I started it at 8:30 on Thursday, I finished weaving in ends and sewing buttons on last night at 11:10.

I finished the hat today. I just hope it fits the doll.

And here's the matched set:

Modeled here by the lovely Skates, from the Wolves. Doesn't he look dashing?
I fear no knitting challenge!!!


mrspao said...

Wow! You are an awesome big sis! Skates should have an outfit like that permanently...

Chris said...

WOW. Good job!!

traceyleezle said...

OH My! You ARE the best big sis. That's awesome, and yes, he does look dashing, will he be able to part with the sweater? You did tell him it was for someone else right?

Peevish said...

Yessss! Take that! Bwahahaha!