December 31, 2006

One More For 2006

Wolves themed hat to match my Alpha Wolf Jersey.

Cast on yesterday after finishing the pirate hat and finished up just now whilst enjoying the X-Files.

Man my nose is pointy in that picture...

Anyways, Mom, Kari and I headed out shopping and we stopped at this new store, Half-Price Books. With a nae like that you just KNOW it's going to be good. After checking the knitting books I headed over check out a few books from my other two passions, Victorian literature and the paranormal. I found some real treasures:

The Victorian Fairy Tale Book ($8)
The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mysterious Denizens of the Deep ($5)
And this is the real deal...
The Amityville Horror
The Amityville Horror 2
Amityville - The Horror Escapes
Amityville - The Final Chapter
Night Stalks the Mansion

All those books.... $3. Not each. $3. For 5 books. The ENTIRE Amityville series. And they're all in great condition. I did a little happy dance when I found those, I kid you not. Only set on the shelf. Meant for me.

Happy New Year!!!


mrspao said...

Very nice :)

pao said...

The hat looks grand.

I really should endeavour to catch an Ice Hockey game at some point, not big this side of the pond so have to settle for the Olympics on TV.

BTW: your nose looks fine.

Chris said...

That could be a MN Gophers hat! :)

We have Half-Price Books here, too - they have some great stuff!