January 01, 2007

Hey Look! I Can Read!!

Best way to start out the new year, reading a book!

I started reading The Amityville Horror around noon and finished it at exactly 2:22pm.

It's a good story and one that is host to a heated debate. Did the Lutz family fabricate the entire thing? Did George Lutz get into a mortgage that he simply couldn't afford and devise a very original angle to escaping his financial obligations? Or did the family really experience the seemingly impossible events? Did the walls bleed green slime? Did the youngest child, a daughter, really speak with a spectral pig named Jodie? Did Kathy Lutz really feel invisible hands holding her captive. Did she really levitate above her bed several times?

Most likely it's all a fake. Perhaps they did experience a few strange events in the house, it had been the site of a horrific sextuple murder just a few years prior.

Eventually it came to light that the attorney of the man convicted of the murders mentioned above confessed that the story had been invented over several bottles of wine with the Lutz's. It was hopefully to be used in a re-trial for his client in order to gain an insanity plea due to the 'evil forces' within the house. George Lutz upheld his story until his death in May of 2006, saying that the events were "Mostly true."

Read the book. Gain your own insights.

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