January 05, 2007


Yeah, that’d be the technical term for the-monthly-hell-all-women-must-experience-but-we-also-get-to-experience-the-

I’ve got them bad today. So bad that I finally buckled and on my break I bought one of these:

I’ve never owned one before and WHY is it pink? I’m not a guy and I STILL feel self-conscious about having this huge pink thing sitting in my lap. And it smells funny. So I’ll be knitting it a cover tonight at home, where I can curl up with my heating pad while I’m working on it.


Samantha said...

Hug - I get horrible cramp too.

Knitstress Tygher said...

You too! Lord, it's going around this month. Must be the full moon.

Mineral Ice. I swear, it works. Makes you minty fresh to. Just rub it on your tummy .. and your back too if you get backaches. I've not taken painkillers in two days using this stuff.

Chris said...


I have fibroids. OHMIGOD JUST KILL ME. Hopefully you never experience that. ICKY.

What sort of cozy?! I've seen some cute patterns, but now can't remember where, of course.

Diane said...

Hope you feel better soon. And really can they make anything look less attractive?

Tracey said...

Hey there, I get wicked cramps as well, you poor thing. Can't wait to see the bottle cover tho' knowing you, it will be cool. And as for child birth. Personally, yeah, it's no picnic, but really do you think a whiny sissy man could handle that? There's a reason God entrusted us women with the real work!