January 04, 2007

Projects – 2006

I liked Chris’ idea of listing out the finished objects from 2006, so I’m stealing it. Only my post won’t have cute cat pictures in it.

Total FOs – 89!!!!

50 Tiny Tunas
10 Hats
4 Scarves
4 Pairs of Mini-Mittens
4 Mini Hats
3 Pairs of Socks
3 Shawls
2 Knit Trees
2 Knit Wreaths
1 Snerg
1 Blokhed™
1 Hooded Scarf
1 Doll Sweater
1 Doll Hat

Even without the 50 Tiny Tunas I’m still at 39 FOs, which for me is pretty damn good. (42 if you count each sock individually!)


Tracey said...

Holy Cow! You were busy this year. I am seriously impressed! Most people, non-knitters specifically, just don't get how much work that is, but even by a knitter's standards, that's a lot! Congratulations on a very creative year! You put me sorely to shame.

Samantha said...

Wow! You've certainly been knitting up a storm.