January 29, 2007

Good and Bad

Good: I finished one of the sweaters that I was planning to knit for my cousin's little girls.
Modeled here by the handsome Skates of the Chicago Wolves:
Bad: I have another sweater to knit, in the dreaded pink no less, before the 12th.

Good: I figured out how to get that knit on border started.
Bad: I really can't stand how it looks. I was having serious doubts about the shawl while I was knitting the main body, all the bobbles, but I told myself that once I started the edging it would look better.

It doesn't. And frankly I'm about ready to frog the whole damn thing and start something else.


Diane said...

The purple sweater is really cute.

I'm with you on that edging; maybe a different edging? Would hate to see you rip everything out.

Chris said...

The sweater is really cute! Hmm, maybe you can pick a different edging and donate the shawl to a charitable organization?

Peevish said...

I'd go the different edging as well - it would be a shame to waste all of that work!

Tracey said...

gosh, froggin' all that would be a bit much. I agree with the majority-different edging.
Both that little wolf always looks so cute trying on your mini-clothes. I think he secretly cries when you leave and take the clothes away....meanie ;)