January 23, 2007

Kids at Heart

A couple of weeks before Christmas the hockey arena started advertising for this:

I mentioned it to my sister, since we’re both dorky Disney fans, and promised her we could go. Fast forward to after the new year when I looked up tickets.

$70!!!!!!!! Each!

Ok, those are for the VIP premium-feel-the-spray-of-the-ice seats, but still. For Disney on Ice?

Kari’s not known for her great memory, so I figured I could just… not mention it and the performance would pass by. I know, I’m a horrible sister.

And karma doesn’t like bad sisters. This past Sunday while at the hockey game Kari turned around suddenly and informed me:

“I can’t wait for Disney on Ice. You’re the best sister in the whole wide world. I love you so much Kelly.” Then she gave me one of her rib-crushing hugs.


So I spent about 2 hours on TicketMaster.com looking up seats. They kept offering me the same 2 seats, no matter how many times I searched. Right next to the stage, on the ice, where we’d have limited view of everything on the right half of the ice. And they wanted $25 a pop for them. Um… no?

Yesterday I drove my lazy arse all the way to the hockey-rink to buy tickets directly, so I could pick out our seats. $50 later I had seats here:

Center ice, on the aisle, 4 rows back from the ice.

Is it really dorky that I’m excited?


Chris said...

Just a little dorky. ;)

Tracey said...

Yes, it's dorky.
Can I talk or poke fun, no.
I get my kicks by masquerading as a blue haired troll.

Diane said...

Noooo not dorky at all. Dorky would be going to the show dressed as your favorite Disney Princess.

Anni said...

It'll all be worth it. I'm amazed how expensive these sorts of things are though. I wanted to take my daughter to a ballet a few years ago and it woud have cost a fortune so didn't bother.

Tracey said...

Hey, did I also mention that not only are you a dork, but you also REALLY ARE the best sister in the world! Come on, knitting baby clothes for baby dolls, taking your lil sis to Disney on Ice, that's pretty.darn.cool

Kris said...

I don't think you are at all dorky. Your sister is very lucky to have you. I took the kids to see Barney at the mall a few months ago and I was the most excited out of the four of us!!!
Your shawl is really nice. Don't quit now!!!!!!!