January 20, 2007

So Then She Grabbed My Chest...

I went shopping today. My aunt, with whom I live, put her house up on the market and a potential buyer was due to visit between 11 and noon. So we had to be away from the house. I took advantage of the situation by heading out to do some shopping that I'd been putting off for a while.

I don't like shopping for clothes. It usually brings me down and lowers my self esteem, which I try very hard to keep in the + zone. But I've had some good shopping karma lately. I found 2 pairs of pants and a skirt that fit me perfectly, so I decided to take a chance and head out to buy something I needed very badly.

Some new bras.

Let me tell you, shopping at Victoria's Secret is NOT for the shy or faint of heart. A very enthusiastic saleswoman helped me out while I was perusing the overpriced undergarments. She sized me and gave me some samples to try on.

Her hands were everywhere. I haven't been this molested since I was seriously dating someone. She grabbed my girls, touched my waist, adjusted straps, patted my head and lifted my shirt up to look at how the bra itself looked.

If I'd been shy I think I might have curled up and died on the spot. But I'm not shy and I thought it was funny as hell.

Afterwards I headed to Panera for lunch. It was nice, relaxing and eating by myself, it's been a while since I took myself out for a date. Bowl of soup, bagel and some daydreaming. And a little flirting with the guy who was fixing the tables. Good lunch.

Went to the yarn store and bought some white yarn, had anyone else noticed how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find? I wanted white Wool Ease but it's all glittery or sparkley now, no plain white. I ended up having to get Encore Worsted. An hour after I got home I had this:

It's a hockey hat I've been meaning to knit for the son of a co-worker in his team colors. I hope to finish it either tonight at the hockey game or tomorrow night.

I headed out again for some more shopping, (Good thing I'm filthy rich... wait... I'm not rich... crap...) and ended up with this:

For those of you who DON'T know, Barnes & Noble is having a HUGE DVD sale. Buy any season of a TV show on dvd, get a second for free. I bought the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and got season 4 of the X-files for free. The sale goes through the 30th, I may head back to get seasons 5 and 6 too.

I also bowed under the pressure and picked up the Bee-Keepers Apprentice. I'm planning on saving it for the plane rides to and from Vegas next month.


Chris said...

Woo-hoo! You'll enjoy the Beekeeper's Apprentice, I think.

Ack, now I remember why I won't enter Victoria's Secret...

Diane said...

Wow such service at Victoria's. I would have laughed about it too.

Tracey said...

We big chested girls really can't be shy now can we. I am telling you I only buy my bras at VS. I have to find another bra that can stand up to Bob and Jo! (don't ask me who named them...ok, you can ask, but I won't post it here).

Is this hat for your not-so-secret-cradle-robbing-crush? He sounds like a sweety, and yes when the hell did white yarn become taboo. Even when you go online and look at a yarn that has 50 freakin colors.....white? NOPE!

Samantha said...

When I went to Rigby and Peller I had to take my top and bra off and they sized me by staring at my breasts!!!

You'll love the Beekeeper's Apprentice!