February 04, 2007

Signs of Progess and Signs of Stupidity

SciFi channel ran a 12 hour Ghost Hunters marathon today. I was reduced to a drooling zombie.

But there were signs of progress too. Namely to my attempt at toe up socks:

Yeah baybee, I did it! I did the heels!

I also did this:

I knit for way too long today and my hand is a crippled, curled up, whimpering pile of flesh.

But that wasn't the only sign of stupidity that I showed this weekend.

I decided, very much on a whim, to head out to the aquarium on Saturday. Everyone I said this to sounded horrified. Was I aware of how cold it was going to be? And in Chicago you'd get the lake effect cold added!

I didn't care. So I donned some knee high socks, a sweater, scarf, hat and extra thick coat and headed out.

Ho Lee Shite! My happy plan had one major flaw. I had to take the bus from the train station. And I had to wait 20 minutes in -17 degree weather. My poor little toeses. I nearly bought a second pair of socks at the aquarium but they wanted $10 for them.

Yeah, that was a big sign of stupidity.


Chris said...

Your poor hand! And your poor toes!!! I am SO not looking forward to going out to my car at 6 am tomorrow, since the windchill is already -25F...

Congrats on the heels!

Diane said...

The socks are cute. I've never done toe up.

-17? I get a chill just thinking about that. So far today we're up to 9 degrees but it's windy so I'll be home, toasty warm all day today.

Tracey said...

I am so grouchy and bitchy today I can't even think of a snarky comment to leave. I like your socks

Samantha said...

I found my lonely toe up sock - just need to find needles and I'm joining you in the toe up marathon!