May 30, 2007

Blog Stew

‘cause it’s got a bit of this and that in it today…

First and of the most supreme importance… I have this…
4 hanks of sock yarn, 880yds total. I need to knit up a shawl fairly quickly out of this yarn. (2 weeks) I want to do a triangle shawl, use size 7 needles, with some lace, but not too much as the yarn is variegated. Any ideas?

More on the road trip!!!

Someone asked what I bought at the knitting store. I got: 2 Skeins of sock yarn, 2 hanks of Koigu and a hank of Mountain Colors, which didn’t photograph well. My argument to myself was that all of it was cheaper than they sell it at home, so I had to buy it right then. You know… spend money to save it.

Yeah, I know I’m delusional. But I’m happy in my delusions.

At that great used bookstore I found some real gems. All nerdy school-type books. Victoria’s Daughters, Word Origins, Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria’s Little Wars, Moby Dick, Stories of Edgar Allen Poe and Dickens’ A Childs History of England, the last two of which were purchased for me by Anna.

When we went to see the show, we decided to go all out. Here we are in all of our 3 hour drive, lazy 20-something year old schlubbiness.

And here we are after primping and polishing ourselves. Clean up pretty good, don’t we?

In honor of the occasion, and because my old ones were falling apart, I bought these: Don’t get too excited, the old ones were thrown away so I still have only 3 pairs of shoes.

Of course there were many souvenirs purchased at the play.

I love Scar…

And had I known that THIS existed, I probably would have bought it before the play. I’ve got two books like this already, one for Phantom of the Opera and one for Beauty and the Beast. It’s not in the budget right now, but some day it will be.

Also not in the budget, no matter how much I wish they were, are these fantastic yarns inspired by Labyrinth. I was, and am, a big giant Labyrinth nut. Ask me anything, any trivia, any moment in the film, any character and I can answer it, describe it or quote it.

Oh yeah, my nerdiness goes FAR deeper than what you may have imagined. Scared?


Chris said...

Pretty yarn!! Um, with about 1/2 that yarn, you could do a shapely shawlette. Did you see the one I knit for Frarochvia?

knittingnurse said...

I made my shapely shawletter using koigu and as the pattern calls you would only need about half of that yarn or you could do another (or 2) repeats and make it bigger.

Also, what about the diamond fantasy shawl?

Diane said...

I just finished a shawl with green variegated knitpicks yarn. Too lacey so the pattern was lost in the yarn.

How about this? Easy with a picot edging.

Lots of shawls listed here

Batty said...

Looks like a fabulous time! I love those shoes, by the way. They'll show off hand-knit socks very nicely.

A shawl suggestion: I don't know the name of it, but there's a Fibertrends shawl that's essentially plain knitting and some yarnovers, I think it's called the Landscape Shawl or something like that. It's a triangle shawl and looks like a pretty fast knit, though you'd have to check the required yardage.

Peevish said...

Eeeeeee!! Another Labyrinth nut!! Not the Bog of Eternal Stench!

Tracey said...

Scarred? Heck no...kindred spirit!

Samantha said...

You both looked fabulous! New shoes - wow :)

Your stash enhancement is rather gorgeous!

Olga said...

Hmmm, Labyrinth, refresh my memory, was that the one with David Bowie? If it is, I haven't seen that in millennium.