May 02, 2007

Oh Ye Of Little Faith...

Pre-Game chat with Dad:

Me: "I just hope that the Wolves don't get their asses handed to them tonight."
Dad: "It has been a week since they've played. And Iowa has those new guys from the NHL on their team."
Me: "I guess we'll just have to see."

The Game:

Puck is dropped and the Wolves gain control.
43 seconds in... Shot and a GOOOOOOAL!

Back to the center line, the puck is dropped again. Wolves again gain control.
1 minute 3 seconds in... Shot and a GOOOOOOOAL!!!

At the end of the 1st period it was 3-0.
At the end of the 2nd period it was 5-0.

3rd period started with the same fire. The Wolves came streaking out of the locker room and kept the pressure on the Iowa Stars.

At 15 minutes the Stars pulled their goalie. Within a few seconds we got an empty netter.


Everyone was on their feet, cheering on the Wolves during the last 30 seconds of the game. They get control of the puck yet again, take it down to ice.

Shot and a GOOOOOOOAL!!

With seven seconds to go, they score their 7th goal of the game. The crowd goes NUTS. The clock winds down, the game is over.

1 down, 3 to go and we clinch the Western Division Championship and continue on in our quest for the Calder Cup.

Heading out to the car, a spectacular sight greeted us all.
Guess the full moon brought the beast out in our Wolves.

Here's hoping the beasts stay around for the next 3 games.


Chris said...


knittingnurse said...

Wasn't that an AMAZING moon last night?

Yeah for shut-outs! Go wolves!

Tracey said...

Awhooooo! Go Wolves. I wish we had a hockey team near us. *sigh* I miss NY...even if our team did stink.