May 03, 2007

One Step Forward

This evening:

I think this may be the one and ONLY swap I ever sign up for to knit someone else socks.


Lynn said...

awww..I can feel your pain. But the positive part is you'll finally finish these socks, be SO SICk of them and mail them away to never be seen by you again..not only that, but they will be replaced with non-bad kharma infected socks. :)
It's all good.

Shannon said...

I also feel your pain. You poor thing. What kind of sock swap is this?

Anonymous said...

I avoid those swaps - I couldn't handle the pressure ;)

Karen said...

I too avoid the swaps out of self imposed performance anxiety. The sock is looking quite spiffy. You can do it!

Traceyleezle said...

Oh boy, I hear you, I don't think I will ever do another sock swap, it's really hard to get it right, I didn't and neither did my sock pal. Usually everyone is gracious enough to be polite even if the sock doesn't fit. It's still a cool idea, both socks I got were patterns I would have never chosen, but really loved. So, in the end it's all good.
Keep on keepin' on woman!

oh yeah and one more thing.....YOU'RE GOING TO SCHOOL!

Diane said...

Frogged yarn is such a sad sight.

Chris said...

Alas! I can't handle the pressure of knitting something wearable for a swap, either.