June 12, 2007

And We Sang Along…

Buffy was so fun. It was superfantastical. It was… Buffy-tastic.

We all got together and headed into the city around, oh, 8:30ish.When we finally got out there, after only getting lost a little, we saw a HUGE line. We all freaked so I jumped out of the car while they were looking for parking so I could claim us a spot. I couldn’t wait to see the nerds who showed up early enough to be first in line.
Umm…. Yeah, the line was for a steakhouse down the street. So we were the nerds who got there early enough to be first! Yay for nerds! It was funny actually, there were these two women roaming around the street in front of the theater, popping into shops and petting people’s dogs. I went inside, got our tickets, admired the very beautiful theater, chatted with some employees, bought a soda and then went outside and sat down.

They FREAKED. One of them flew over from about half a block away, shrieking that she HAD to be first. She HAD to be. Had she approached me in a less confrontational manner I probably would have let her, but because she got right in my face and was screaming at me, I let myself be evil.

By the time 11:45 rolled around the line was crazy long.
This doesn’t even give you a glimpse of the line. But there is a pretty cool orb in this photo, which is weird cause C, D, and I were sitting around talking about ghostly experiences we’ve had.

Inside the theater we claimed first row. Guess who sat next to me? Yeah… the spaz mentioned above. Lucky me!

We got spiffy goodie-bags full of props and, of course, vampire teeth!
C’s look the best because she’s nuts and, a while ago, got custom teeth made by her dentist. But they are very cool.

Being in the first row had some great perks. During the scene where the people are dancing with dry cleaning we were given dry cleaning, ushered ON STAGE and got to imitate the dancers on the screen. Later we were all given underwear to throw at one poor volunteer during another song.

Some of the New York cast was there. Spike sang his song along with the show. He wasn’t a HORRIBLE Spike, but he did try too hard.

I don’t have a picture of the girl who played Dawn, but it was pretty damn funny. They made her hold up the signs that say “Shut Up Dawn!” the whole night.

Giles’ ballad was very cool. Everyone held up lighters or their cell phones and swayed to the sad song.

All in all, the night was fantastic. An absolute blast. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and was singing and joking and shouting random things all night long. I was joking with C that we needed to go the next night. (We didn’t, don’t worry.) I didn’t get home until after 4 and slept until noon the next day.


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uberstrickenfrau said...

That sounds like a super fun time, 'cept for the issue woman. Maybe she forgot her meds? heh.

knittingnurse said...

Yeah for you! What a spazz huh? She should have sat and waited (as you did) if she HAD to be first!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it great? I'm already nagging the organizers to come back again.

Batty said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! What's with that woman, though? How come it's impossible to go into the City without being hollered at by at least one person???

And yay for vampire teeth. I kept trying to talk my parents into making me some, but they never did. Said they didn't want to explain to their dental technician. Bummer.

Diane said...

The evil knit wit aahahahaha (laughed with an evil laugh). The people at the steak house didn't know what they were missing! Glad you had fun.

Samantha said...

How awesome! :)