June 13, 2007

Now I Know My A, B, C's

*Stolen from the lovely MistressMrsPao*

A is for Attention, where in I like to be the center of it, but have a woefully short span of it.
B is for Books! I love them. Can’t stop buying them. Gotta start reading them.
C is for Character. I am one. A big goof. A laugh a minute. A deep pool of sorrow. A brooding, dark figure. Just depends on the day you get me.
D is for Dinosaurs. There was a big part of my life when I wanted to be a paleontologist. I still find it fascinating and romantic. Chipping away rock to reveal a bygone era of giants.
E is for Eclectic. That’s me! Bit of this, bit of that, mix it all together and you’ve got Kelly!
F is for Factoids. I’ve got a million different stupid trivia items stored away in that wacky brain of mine.
G is for Ghosts. One of my great passions.
H is for Handy. I’m not afraid of tools or building or getting my hands dirty. Give me a bit of time and I can figure out a way to fix it.
I is for Intelligent. I’m not saying that I’m a genius, but I like to think that I’m pretty smart.
J is for Joking. I love to make people laugh. I’m happiest when I’m cracking people up.
K is for Knitting. Dur.
L is for Loyal. Once I’m your friend it’s for life, assuming you don’t hurt me.
M is for Music. I love classical music. I very rarely listen to music with words unless I want to sing along. Otherwise it’s just classical, so I can daydream.
N is for Not being able to think of anything for N. YAY!
O is for Original. I try to avoid the fads and just be myself.
P is for Pan’s Labyrinth. I saw this movie for the first time last night and it messed me up! I will never be right again. Anyone else think that the kid is the spawn of the devil and she opened the portal to hell?
Q is for Questioning. I always question people and things I don’t understand. I’m like a little kid. “Why?”
R is for Roles. I’ve never been interested in fitting into the roles people want to give me. Female. Lady. Daughter. Knitter. Reader. Don’t define me in one word, unless that one word is Kelly.
S is for Sharks. I love them. They are among the most beautiful animals. So graceful, so strong yet so delicate.
T is for Talking. In that I never stop.
U is for Unusual. It’s one of the more frequently used words to describe me, my tastes in clothes, movies, music, television, reading and pastimes.
V is for Voluptuous. I’m curvy. Deal with it. You don’t like it? Stop looking at me.
W is for Walking. I’ve developed a deep love for my daily 2 mile walks.
X is for Xeroxing my bum. It isn’t something I’ve done, but it is something I plan to do at least once before I die.
Y is for Yelling. I’ve got a wicked temper that I’ve learned how to control over time. But mess with my family, specifically lil’ sis, and I will mess you up.
Z is for (crypto)Zoology. I lurve reading about Bigfoot and Nessie and Champ and the Jersey Devil and all those other unexplainable things.


Batty said...

That's a fun one! I'm all over the weird and unexplained too. And yay for desire to not be defined in one word! We're all way too complicated for that -- or incredibly boring people.

Tracey said...

Yep, that's you, it takes a whole freakin' alphabet to do it, but then again, we like you that way. ;)

mrspao said...

I love it :) You're great!!