June 22, 2007

He Who Must Not Be Knit

Hello all!

I finally finished up the woolly adventures of the Dark Lord.

Part 1: The Adventures of The Dark Lord

Part 2: The Soft and Cuddly Dark Lord
Part 3: Dark Lords Have Feelings Too

Part 4: A New Man


Samantha said...


Stariel said...

Very cute! Just be careful who you knit!

Anonymous said...

HA!! Oh, how I love a story that ends badly.

Batty said...

Brilliant! I'm still laughing. Thank you for the warning, it's so important to show people just how dangerous knitting can be!

Diane said...

Drat! Killed by the old "I would rather open a flowershop instead of being an evil dark lord" ploy.

Tracey said...

I can't believe you fell for that...really now...feeling better? That was a big curse...do you have a lightning shaped scar now too?