June 15, 2007

Won’t You Join Me?

Well it’s about time you showed up! Ready for our walk? Did you remember your bottle of water? No… well there’s a water fountain at the 1 mile marker. Let’s go!

Isn’t the lake beautiful? It’s so peaceful. Just the sounds of the water and the birds.

I love the Purple Martin Sanctuary. It’s like… little birdy condos. Think they have little birdy BBQs on their porches at night? And you know the condos facing the lake have a higher rent than the ones facing away from it.
This year the lake is having a catch and release program to replenish the fish population. So anything this guy catches has to go right back into the water.

Oh man… I hate traffic. This is what I get for coming during rush hour.
I like the back view of the lake better than the front, to be honest. It looks bigger from back here.

Yay!We made it half-way already! There’s no turning back now, we’ve got to finish the lap.

Look!I love how many bunnies are always hopping around this place.

This is the exclusive Birdy SpaIt’s by invitation only. You’ve got to know the right people to get in.
WooHoo! We made it! 1.86 miles around. So I’ll see you back here tomorrow, right?

(Can you tell I haven’t been knitting at all?)


Batty said...


I had to skip my daily 4 mile walk today because they're putting in our new central AC and furnace, which takes a whole day. At one point, we even had 3 plumbing trucks outside our house!

That's a beautiful lake to walk around. I wish we had something like that over here.

mrspao said...

Thank you for letting me come on your walk! :) What a beautiful place!

Tracey said...

Hee hee, I love it anyway! I really should take my dog for a walk. He's fat and lazy...kinda like his owner.