July 23, 2007

2 Winners!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my College Contest. It was a blast to read about everyone’s different experiences at school.

Having said that, the winners are…..

Carol and Panda!

Carol wrote: “I had just moved into my dorm room. It was an odd dorm. there were 6 bedrooms with 3 shared bathrooms and a kitchen/common area. Anyway...I was unpacking my boxes and reams of stuff when a frantic knocking was heard at my door. I opened it to find a strange girl , clearly in a a panic about something. "Hi", I said cautiously. "OHMIGOD there's a spider in my room and can you come kill it for me I'm so scared I hate spiders and there's one in my room ohmigod my brother usually does it but he's not here there's a spider pleasespleaseplease...." she gabbled at me. I picked up a shoe, went into her room and eliminated the bug. Twenty years later we are still friends.”

Panda wrote: “I grew up hearing stories about the years my dad spent in the Navy. His mom would send him all sorts of odd things that were a cause of deep embarrassment to him. Sometimes she would mail him home-made cookies in an empty cereal box, but by the time they reached him round the other side of the world, they had crumbled into cookie dust. His buddies would gather around for a handful, anyway.

His most embarrassing package of all was when his mother sent him a single sock. No note, just open the package and pull out one, single sock. She told him later that he had left it while home on leave, and she didn't want him to be out a pair. His buddies teased him mercilessly that his mother didn't even care enough to send a pair of socks, just a single one.

Flash forward to my own college days, and I received my first package from home. It was quite a bit later than everyone else's first packages. Tradition dictated that when you got a package, you would bring it smugly to the dinning hall, so everyone could be jealous of the goodies from home. (Panda, I must admit that from this description I am now certain that you went to Hogwarts. Which house were you in?)

I was so excited when I saw my package. It wasn't terribly large, or very heavy. I took it up to the dining hall, and with everyone watching, opened it up and pulled out . . . a hat. The absolute ugliest hat you ever saw in all your life. It was sort of off-white and looked a bit grungy, and it was about three sizes too big. I looked in the package, but there was no note, nothing. My friends laughed at me until they had tears in their eyes.

I called my dad later, and he was chuckling to himself. "I didn't want you to be cold." He finally had his revenge for his mom's weird packages. It absolutely made his day that I opened it in front of all my friends.”

Ladies, please e-mail me @ justaknitwitATgmailDOTcom with your favorite colors, fiber of choice and address so that I can get your lovely prizes ready for you.

As for me, I’ve been swinging back and forth from mild panic, which is a VAST improvement from 2 weeks ago when I would just start to cry sitting at my desk at work, and nearly being excited. Nearly.

There are 25 days left. Things look a lot closer this side of 30, I assure you of that. There’s so much to do, but none of it can be done until its closer to the actual move.

The good news is, my student loans went through, I got a letter in the mail from school with my bill for the 1st semester and everything has been paid off.

Wait, let me just type that again, cause it felt good.


This is really happening.
I’m really going.
There’s that panic again…


Batty said...

Those are great stories! College is great fun. My roommate and I had a "klutz point competition" when we found out we were both klutzes. Every time either of us did something incredibly klutzy, she'd get 1+ klutz points. I won the semester I accidentally pushed an entire cheesecake behind the counter edge while trying to extract a single piece. I also won the semester I fell and rolled down the auditorium in front of over 100 people. Ah, college!
It's fun. Don't panic.

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

No panicky, hun, it's all good...


There's just the details to sort through and get done now, and before you know it, you'll be in class...

I'm so proud of you, hun, and I hope you enjoy your first semester, and the time leading up to it...it'll be a crazy next few weeks, but sit back and enjoy the ride...


Anna :)

Chris said...

Paid off! Woo-hoo!!!

Peevish said...

Fantastic! You are going to rock this experience, girl!

Diane said...

All the college stories were a fun read. Makes you wonder how we all turned out to be responsible adults .... well most of the time.

Traceyleezle said...

I am so happy for you Kelly, this is great. Professor Kelly...yep, sounds good.

Congrats Carol and Panda!

Charles said...

Great stores!

Anyway… I just start my“Knitting Video Cast” you can check it out and see what you think about and Comment me!