July 26, 2007

The Final Days

Things are really coming down to the wire here. I’ve got 21 days until the move. 15 until I’m done with work. And, I’m guessing, about 12 until my mental breakdown.

It’s coming too fast and not fast enough. There’s so much to do, that needs to be done, but can’t really be done until that final week. So I’ve taken to sitting crosslegged in the middle of my room, head in my hands, staring around with a blank and vacant look on my face. (Blank and vacant… that’s a bit repetitive, isn’t it?)

Last night I packed. I discovered I’ve got a LOT of crap. Old notebooks with half of a novel scribbled down during high school (those are LOADS of fun to read, let me tell you!), weird little knick-knacks that I still don’t know where I got (like the plastic figure of Mike from Monsters Inc. He’s cute and all but did I spend money on that? I hope not!), old letters from people I don’t speak to anymore (including one gem from an ex-friend that consisted of “Happy Birthday! I really hope you know how much trouble I went through to find you a tin for the fudge that wasn’t Christmas-y. I had to go to, like, ten stores. Anyways, here it is. Enjoy the fudge.”) Old photos. My mini-disk player. Every single pair of headphones I’ve ever owned in my life. (And they were all in the same box. I blame the gremlins.)

I’ve got about 40 books that I’m bringing to school with me. That was whittled down last night from about 65. I took a stern look at what I had on the “To School” shelves and began mercilessly pulling books down, wondering why I thought I needed 2 dictionaries, a French/English translation book (Umm… not taking French this semester!), an MLA handbook and a couple knitting books that I knew I wouldn’t use. (This was the hardest. Go ahead and look at your knitting library. Now pick just a handful of books to use for a year. Yeah, not so easy, is it?) It’ll be whittled down again, I’m sure. I’ll shoot for a goal of 34 books.

All my DVDs have been safely and lovingly moved from their cases to the ginormous CD case I bought. I went a little Type A and organized them all alphabetically. Starting with the 10th Kingdom and ending with X-Men. Then the TV on DVD, Sherlock Holmes, Buffy and X-Files. (With optimistic room left in the case for season 7 of Buffy and 9 of X-files.)

I was making lists yesterday during lunch when I reminded myself that I don’t need to bring food with me. Edwardsville is small but there ARE stores. I’m not moving to a small shack in the wilds of Tanzania.

Work seems to have taken a joke I made a few weeks ago to heart. I told one guy I was going to bawl when I left because I like it there, so everyone needed to be really mean to me so that I was glad to leave. Well one employee has embraced this most enthusiastically and the past few days has greeted me with “You screwed up AGAIN Kelly! What is your problem? You’re making ME look bad!” And when I find the source of the error and it is, of course, his own, he scolds me for not catching the error before I processed the paperwork. Now he’s accusing me of filing things without ever processing them. Cause, you know, I’m that stupid. When I denied it again this morning he snapped “That’s right, if there’s nothing on TV on Sundays I come to work and do your filing for you.” I may slap him. What are they going to do… fire me?

Hey, look at that, another interviewee. She looks like she’s 12. Think I should offer her some chocolate milk?


Traceyleezle said...

Yeah, yeah, slap him!
Oh wait...
I don't think blank and vacant are redundant. Blank is more thinking of nothing, just an empty mind, vacant is more thinking, just not here with you on this planet type thinking.

I just wanna know how you do both at the same time.

Lynn said...


As for knitting books, they do have a library there, don't they? Silly! You can still get your fix.


Peevish said...

Smack him. Hard.

Chris said...

Push him down and steal his lunch money.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Good luck at school, it will be pure magic I'm sure...

mrspao said...

When people don't know how to say they value you and don't want you to go, they will be rude and obnoxious. You need to give him a shove down the stairs.

(Can you email me your new address?)