July 21, 2007

Book 7 Release


Ok, so we headed out to get the book at midnight. The "party" was fairly lame, as HP parties go. I figured as this was the last book people would go all out. Nope. Not here anyways.

I digress. So when 11:30 rolled around (finally) and they started lining people up there was a small hiccup. The nice people at B&N said "Line up at the white balloons if you are in group C." Problem is... the white balloons were on a wall, so people lined up on either side while the employees stood around and watched. So finally we were told "Umm... you know you're not in line?" Then the guy told us to just swing around and shuffle into the line, cause we'd all been waiting the same time, ya know?

Holy crap, this woman went NUTS at us. "We've been standing here ALL NIGHT! You're CUTTING! Get to the end of the LIIIIIIINE! How rude can you BEEE!"

I stared at her for a few seconds before smiling very sweetly (the employees who told us to shuffle into the line were wonderfully absent and didn't bother explaining why a mass of people was trying to 'cut' in line). I pointed out what a wonderful example of self control she was setting for her children(I half expected her to throw herself on the floor and have a full on hissyfit, I really did), as they were right behind her, especially over a book, before heading to the end of the line rather than fight. So we got our books at *gasp* 12:37 instead of 12:22!!! I don't know how we survived. I really don't.

So outside I had to check the last line of the book. It's a horrible habit of mine and as I flipped it open this woman shrieked out "Don't read the last page! What are you doooooooing?!?!?" I pointed out that I wasn't going to read it out loud and she still continued to spaz at me. I was sooooooo ready to be home.

Long story short long, I got home around 1 and fell asleep around 9 after reading the whole book. My opinion... best of the 7. Hands down.

Look for the contest winner to be posted on Monday!


Diane said...

Congrats at not having to bitch slap anyone in the book line.

Chris said...

Ok, I cannot imagine reading a book out of order. It's improper.

mrspao said...

Silly woman! I agree Book 7 is the best but the last chapter was a bit out of place though!

kristi and otis said...

Harry Potter Smack-Down!

Peevish said...

Ooooh, I almost did that but I resisted!