August 06, 2007

10? When Did We Get To 10??

10. Days. Left.

I can do this.

I can't do this.

I'm ok.

I'm gonna cry.

10 days...


Diane said...

You can do this.

You can do this.

You can do this.

pao said...

You will be fine.

When I started Uni I was 25, it was great watching the youngsters making prats of themselves!

Don't forget that they are as scared if not more so than you are. For many it will be their first time away from home.

Have fun.


Holly said...

Of course you can do this, and crying is perfectly acceptable way to express yourself. You've done the college thing before, so this will be a piece of cake. Go forth and make the Slytherins proud! Voldermort would have wanted you to finish your education. I'm quite sure it was his last wish.
:-) (using any means possible to encourage and uplift is in the Manual of Kindess and Support in the chapter entitled, JUST DO IT!)

Traceyleezle said...

Um, of course you can do this. Look how far you have come already! You are amazing girl! Amazing! And we are all pulling for you. Really darling, there is nothing so pitiable as an unschooled wench. You've got the noble woman's dress now, there's no more ignorant wenching for you dear, it's off to university to educate yourself!

mrspao said...

Of course you can do it! You're brilliant!!!!

Chris said...

You can totally do this.

Anonymous said...

You can and will.

After all, would Buffy say she couldn't? Channel your inner Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Woman who knits said...

It'll be just fine!!!!
Just think we can call you Dr. in a few years!!!

knittingnurse said...

Aaah honey! You are going to do so well. . . . .I can just feel it. I'm so excited for you as the rest of us are. Hang in there and just remember, knit when you get stressed, kay?

(You might want to punch on ole Mr. "he who must not be named" as well - your own personal stress doll!)

Lynn said...

How many people can say
10 days until my life changes in the direction
I Chose. :)

Good for you and enjoy the ride!!

Panda said...

You're gonna do great!

Batty said...

If I can do it, you can do it. I'm the biggest introvert ever, and I met nice people and had fun. Look out for your own interest and well-being, and so will you.

Peevish said...

Breathe, hon, you're going to be fine! *hug*

Chrissie said...

Don't worry, university is fun in comparison to the working world. You have aced one, you can do the other easily. p.s. check your Slytherin email.