July 31, 2007

It’s All Falling

(Thank you all for your very kind compliments on my dress! I was flattered and touched.)

Into place.

I’ll admit that when I bought my dress I did have a fleeting (2 hour) moment of panic (terror) when I wondered if I would still think the dress was a good idea 2 months from now, if my alt. loan didn’t go through and I was reduced to scrounging in the garbage outside of frat houses, stealing crusts of pizza out of the mostly empty boxes, the highlight of my week being when there was a half a piece, possibly with cheese!

Monday came and with it, my optimistic checking of my e-bill online to see if that final loan, the one I’ll be living off of until I can find a job, had gone through. I scrolled past the detailed bill to where the financial aid is listed.

Friday it said: Refund due $187.25
Now it said: Refund due $2636.75

I did the happy dance all over the office (frightening my poor replacement who is in for training), called my mom and told her the good news. “Mom, it’s me. Yeah, that last loan came through. So you’re going to have to actually start accepting this, cause it’s only 18 days away.” (17 today.)

She told me immediately that she does NOT have to accept it. So I called her Cleopatra (Queen of De Nile).

I’ve accepted that it’s happening.

I’ve got the money.

I’m mostly packed.

Why aren’t I more excited?

In an attempt to get myself giddy and eager I will share with you my schedule for my first semester back:

Monday & Wednesday:

12-1:20 - The Dramatic Experience

1:30-2:45 - Intro to Literary Study

3-4:15 - History of the English Language

Tuesday & Thursday:

9:30-10:45 - Word Analysis: Latin & Greek Roots

6-8:50 (Tuesday PM only) - History 1815 to the Present Day

I’m really looking forward to Hist of English Language, Intro to Lit Study and even Word Analysis, not so much History and The Dramatic Experience. Those two and Word Analysis are freshmen level courses that I have to take to fulfill requirements because all the classes I took at Harper are far too advanced.

Hopefully with a nice open schedule, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday being open during key hours, I’ll be able to find a nice office that’ll give me some part time work. I know how much I need to make to stay ahead of my bills, now I just need a place that’ll pay me enough and give me the hours.


mrspao said...

Hug hug hug - I am sooooo excited for you!!

Chris said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are clicking into place for you!

Lynn said...

How exciting!!
I love looking at course schedules. Your seems like classes are spread out enough you'll have time to focus on various things.

Your yarn is packed in a box to go to the Post Office tomorrow. :) Gotta get it to you before you leave!

Diane said...

Excellent! You'll fall right into school with no problem!

Peevish said...

Excellent! Your classes sound really interesting!

Batty said...

That sounds wonderful! You know, it's funny, the best thing I ever did for my English skills was over 11 years of Latin and 4 years of ancient Greek. Best thing ever for standardized tests that include a vocab component.

It's OK to be scared a little. You'll get enthusiastic once things get started and you figure out you love it.

Traceyleezle said...

Yippee! You rock woman. I can't wait to hear all about your classes.