August 18, 2007


I'm here at school. Which is just... weird to type and even weirder to think about. I almost feel like I'm on vacation or something. You know... come Monday I should be heading back to work, not to class.

I'm doing ok. I think it's mostly because I'm numb. I don't know if I would rather be feeling everything or not. I'm sure tonight when I go to bed I'll feel it and end up crying like a maniac.

Here are a few pictures of the apartment I'm in...

This is my corner that I claimed. Soon it'll be papered with pictures, but I hung those two posters and ran out of tape, so I need to pick more up tomorrow.

This is our living room area. That's my TV and stand from home. I'm glad I brought it with.

The beds. I'm on the top bunk and if it looks freakishly tall it's because it is. I have to climb onto that dresser and crawl up the side of the bed to get in. I really haven't figured out getting down gracefully. I tried just dropping, but it's about 5 feet and my feet were NOT happy with me afterwards.

The closet. It's nice and big, which I was a little worried about.

As to the roommates, I'm still not sure about them. The one, Ly, seems nice but she's getting really clingy and it's only the first day. Already she's talking about how tomorrow we can go get our books and we can get lunch and we can go pick up my tape and we can go to the BBQ together... I'm thinking it'll be a week before I strangle her. The other girl, La, could care less. She came in, dropped her stuff off, said she'd be back sometime tomorrow and left.

Tomorrow's plan is to pick up my books and then go look for a job. Wish me luck finding one, especially with that loan disappearing from my account.


Lynn said...

You're there! Once classes start you'll get into the hang of it and I bet Ly will get some more age-appropriate (grin) friends in her own classes.

Now WTF with your loan???

bellamoden said...

You're there! It'll take time, but it'll be good. Yes.

Even if you need to brain your roommate.

Diane said...

The room looks nice. Hopefully Ly will meet a nice guy to psyco stalk at the BBQ and will leave you alone. Good luck on the job hunt.

Em said...

School sounds interesting... ;-). I'm sure it will start to feel like home soon, though. I loved my college dorm, all ten by ten feet of it!
By the way, HELLO WINNER! Good job you, on the Harry Potter KAL. We had to award you a little *something festive* after all those great Woolly Voldemort posts. When you get a chance, email me at with your address and we'll put your prizes in the mail.
Thanks so much for playing along; it was great to read those Dark Lord posts. Much appreciation.
Good luck at school. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!

mrspao said...

Hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug.

(Blogger wouldn't let me post comments when I tried last but I want you to know I'm thinking of you)

I'm sure that the insecure one is only like that because she is terrified. It is a big adjustment for you but I am sure once classes start you will settle into your routine and things will be a lot less new. You'll make new friends and you'll start enjoying your subject so much that these first few days will be forgotten.

Don't forget that as a writer, all these things contribute to experience and you'll definitely have something to write about after this. Besides when are we going to have a ghost story set in a college dorm? Top Bunk Terrors?

You are a very very nice person so I can understand why one of your roommates would take an instant liking to you - it'll wear off. She'll find new friends when she starts classes and you'll wonder why you never see her.

I am still baffled by what happened to your loan. I hope you find a job quickly. Do let me know your new address asap so that I can send you a little something from the UK when I get out to the US next week.

kristi and otis said...

Hooray! You're there!

knittingnurse said...

I agree with mrspao, Ly is probably afraid and feeling alone. I think that once classes start and she meets people in her field of study and her particular classes, it will get better.

I'm sure you'll be able to get a job. Colleges have jobs all over and I'm sure they will appreciate your seriousness about school and your maturity (well, you ARE more mature than your classmates)

Batty said...

That's a very nice apartment, so much bigger than the tiny room I shared with my roommate!

You know, I was that clingy roommate. I bet she's just scared and insecure. Once she settles in, meets some other people, and generally gets comfortable, she'll be less clingy. It's just that right now, you're sort of familiar in this sea of unfamiliarity, which is why she clings.

Not that this helps you any, but there's hope.

Chris said...

Hopefully she stops being clingy after classes get going - you'll do some crying to deal with the stress, maybe she just needs to do some clinging? But you are THERE!! Yay, you!!