August 20, 2007

The Biggest Regret

Bringing my TV.

Ly has claimed it and I believe she is fusing into the couch fibers as I type this. I usually wouldn't mind, I can tune stuff out when I'm reading pretty well, but she watches CRAP. (No offense meant to anyone who shares her taste in shows, I don't care for sitcoms in general)

Yesterday she watched an 8 hour marathon of America's Next Top Model. 8. Hours. Today she's watched every single lame dramody (sp?) aimed at high school girls there is. And she's got the damn volume so HIGH! Even with headphones on I could hear every badly written angst-ridden word the characters said. Nothing like mingling The Origins and Development of the English Language text with "I love James, even though we've only been dating for two weeks. Why can't you understand that I love him? He's my solemate! You're just jealous because you have no one!" Gag.

I would like to relax and watch some TV, but The Hills is not my kind of show. So I can choose between causing a stink or sitting at my desk and watching something on my laptop.

Oh... and neither of my roommates say "Bless you." if you sneeze. WEIRD.


Diane said...

I'd give the TV to your mom the first chance you get. Really how friggin annoying!

Neither says bless you? That is weird.

Lynn said...

Hm..wonder if there is a way to put it on/near/by your bunk. That way it'd be in your territory, not for all to use.

And honestly dear, I don't think you'd be causing a stink if you asked to use YOUR television to watch what you WANT. Also in the future when you are studying, you can kick people out to the common room and keep it off. It's yours. You have the right.

It'll work out.

Loan loan?? What's going on?

pao said...

Well when you pop home next, or get visitors get rid of the TV!

Anyhow - how is the loan situation?

Have you yet learnt the art of being a wise mature student and treating the yoof like little grasshoppers?

Take care.

mrspao said...

Remove the fuse - she'll never work it out! You'll then be able to use the TV when she's gone out :)

Chris said...

Get rid of the tv - with the perfectly reasonable explanation that it's too much distraction from school. :)

Stariel said...

Now, I'm not a sneeze blesser either (I mean really - the origins of the phrase are just ridiculous! I don't bless people in general, why would I do it cuz they sneezed?)

But as for the TV thing - have a TV talk with the roommates. I lived with a very good friend in college for one year and her TV habits (basically watching whatever all the time) drove me up the wall. Luckily we are still friends, which I attribute to the fact that I politely asked her to turn off the TV when it was distracting me from Organic Chemistry. And it wasn't even my TV! :)