August 28, 2007

Two Short Adventures

Adventure #1: Going to Class

Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't sound like much of an adventure, but stay with me. I leave the dorm and head to class, only to realize that I forgot my date book with my room number (once a week class so I'm not real familiar with the room yet). So I leave the building and head to the library to look up the class. Then head back to the building. Buy a Pepsi, a diet pops out. So I leave the building again and walk to the MUC where the sign on the machine said to go for problems. I exchange my soda and head back to class once again. I'd just sat down with my book when a guy walks in an asks "Hey, does anyone want a Pepsi? I bought a Mountain Dew and a Pepsi popped out too." I wonder whose diet I ended up with.

Adventure #2: The Not So Funny Adventure

So there was a bomb threat made on the school last semester. The guy was arrested and they found several guns and stuff in his dorm. He was released on August 8th, so there are signs all over campus with his photo and pleas that if you see anything strange to report it right away. Anyways, leaving my night class tonight I got turned around and went out a different door than usual. By 8 the campus is fairly deserted, so when I saw a backpack sitting on a bench in a dark corner it struck me as fairly odd. I stood there for a few minutes, in case someone came back to claim it. When no one showed up I called the non-emergency number for campus police and reported the bag. I didn't hang around to see what ended up happening, but if I hear anything I'll pass it along.

I am still knitting, but my camera is out of batteries. I need to pick some up tomorrow when I go to get milk.


Traceyleezle said...

It sounds like you have an interesting soda machine. Glad to hear things are going well. Remember, to protect yourself on campus, always carry dpn's.
You're there! You're doing it! We told you so! ;)

Lynn said...

Sounds like a passive-aggressive machine. Pick what you want, get what IT wants you to have! :) Either that or the guy who stocks it has a warped sense of humor.

Sorry about the backpack. I've been in a situation like that before. I felt like I was overreacting, but IF IF it'd actually been something and I hadn't reported it... Well you know. :)

Chris said...

I hope that backpack was innocuous - but will you ever know?!

mrspao said...

It sounds like you're having an interesting time!