August 23, 2007

The First Week

Well I survived my first week back at school in one piece. More importantly, I made it through with my sanity.

I like my teachers. They're quite the group. My Greek & Latin Suffixes professor is crazy, but in that fun way. For example today he said:

"Kelly, you'll be able to explain this to the rest of the class, you're a Linguistics minor."

Then he wrote "The iggle squiggs trazed wombly in the hurlish goop." Then he stared at me for a few minutes, while we all laughed and I turned a not-so delicate shade of stop sign red, before continuing on with his lesson.

The only class that I have that I'm not too fond of is my Dramatic Experience class. All we do is watch clips of movies and we're expected to read the book entirely on our own for the tests. It just seems like a waste of time. And money. But... oh well.

In the dorm things are a bit tense right now. La is mad at Ly and me because we asked her to *gasp* help clean the apartment. We drew up a cleaning schedule and, since La wasn't there (she's hardly ever there) we gave her the room that required the least amount of work, the living room. Ly took the bathroom and I took the kitchen. Ly, a bit aggressively, left a note on her bedroom door that said "You need to have the living room cleaned by Friday."

La saw it and flipped. She pitched a fit immediately, though I did notice she took her complaints straight to Ly instead of me, I think it's because she knows I won't put up with it. She kept saying she has plans with her friends and she can't commit to having anything clean by a specific day, etc.

This was Wednesday. Well she's still pissed, will barely speak to either Ly or myself, even though I don't think it's that outrageous of a request.

Anyways, now suddenly Ly is agreeing with La being upset. "Well imagine how it is for her. She's 20 and all the sudden there's this 24 year old making demands and barking orders at her."

Thankfully they're both going away for the weekend, so I'll have the place to myself.

Oh yeah, wish me luck on my job interview tomorrow!!


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Good luck tomorrow, sweetie!


Let me know how things go, OK?


Anna :)

Chris said...

Glad classes are going well and I hope the roommate thing gets sorted out...

Traceyleezle said...

Good luck woman! We know you'll do great. I'm sure that the roommate thing will sort itself out soon enough. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

Anonymous said...

If La is gone all the time. Why should she clean your mess????

Lynn said...

Ah yes the drama of roommates! It sounds like you've mellowed out a bit though. :)
Good luck with the interview!

And I wonder if your roommates have found your blog?

Nice comment Anonymous. Please.

Diane said...

Fingers crossed on your job interview.

Batty said...

I think this is the part where all of you need to sit down and have a calm, rational talk about it, not a whine/bitch session. You all live together, and you all need to make the time for a conversation, or things will go downhill. People have different standards of cleanliness. I have a very, very close friend who was my roommate. We discovered that we could not live together. It was a year of discussions and negotiation. We both learned a lot from it. I love her to death, but I'd never room with her again.

You can make it work for a year, until you make a bunch of friends and move off campus with them. Or into a different suite. That's what most people do anyway.

On the plus side, your classes sound great!

mrspao said...

Glad that your classes are going well. I hope you work things out with Ly and La. Maybe they will both find someone and not be around a lot...