September 20, 2007

School, Work and Other Stuff

Finally everything is settled with the financial aid office. My lovely fat check should be in the mail by next Friday and everything will be good because I won't be attacked by bill collectors. *Insert sigh of relief here*

So... the job. Forgot to tell you guys about it, didn't I? A classmate actually gave my # to his boss and I was hired pretty much on his good word. It's a great job, I only work weekends, and it's for $2.50/hr more than anyone around here is willing to pay. So 1 day, depending on how many hours I work, is the same as a week of work elsewhere.

Basically I'm working promotions. I'm one of those people who stand at trade shows and stuff in the little booth and try to get you to sign up for this or that contest so that telemarketers can call your house and get you to buy stuff. It's very fun and last Saturday I worked 9 hours in one day and had a blast doing it. I get paid hourly and then I get commission for any sales that are made from my leads, so it's very cool. And it's all about talking to people, which I happen to have years of experience at, jabber-jaw that I am.

Tomorrow I go for my proper training and then I'll work possibly both days this weekend, which is nice because I need money like crazy.

Other stuff... there's lots of that.

I met a boy. Hehe.

I'm almost done knitting 1 sock and need to start the second.
I started a log cabin blanket. With $1 clearance yarn. Woohoo for thrifty knitting.
Tracy is preggo, so that's another whole bunch of knitting. (Go congratulate her!)

And I've somehow resisted the urge to kill my roommates. I think I deserve a medal or something for that. Maybe a plaque. It can say:

To Kelly, in honor of her self control and unwavering resistance to the urge to commit murder, even though no jury would really convict her if they heard half the things these twits did.

Or, you know, words to that effect.


Lynn said...

A boy???

(see only the important stuff sticks with me)

mrspao said...

Yep, a boy?


Chris said...

Yay for a job you like and are good at! BOY??????????? DETAILS. IMMEDIATELY.

knittingnurse said...

OK, the cliffhanger "hehe" isn't working for any of us in blogsphere.

Details girly.


Traceyleezle said...

Conga Rats on the new job, sounds like fun! Yep, I'm preggers, that's me.

Tales of a Nanny said...

I am so happy things are working out for you. It sounds like you are having a great time down a school. I am so excited for you that everything is coming together! Come to Vegas soon!