September 21, 2007

Such A Curious Lot!

No one asked about my sock pattern I notice. Just the juicy stuff.

Well it's a little complicated. About three weeks ago (horrible for keeping this a secret so long, aren't I?) I went out to a bar that I'd seen cause they had karaoke advertised on Friday nights.

That place was a dive. I mean seriously. I imagine there are biker bars with a more elegant atmosphere than that bar. Anyways, I was heading up to hand in my song choice and I noticed one of my profs was sitting at the bar. So I detoured to say hi to him and holy crap was that man drunk. He wasn't 3 sheets to the wind, he was 300.

Immediately the bartender comes over and asks if I know him and then tells me that if he doesn't have a ride home he'll have to call the cops to pick him up because he can't drive and he kept refusing to take a taxi. This is where I get the award for being dumb, cause he asked me to drive him home. And I did.

After a very interesting drive we finally got to his place. Long story short we ended up talking and... stuff. I had thought it would be weird, you know, but it's not. We're so perfect for eachother. And he's already promised me that when the divorce is finally settled in two months that we'll start seriously talking about getting married, probably in April or something. I'm meeting his kids next weekend, I'm so nervous!

Hehe, gotcha. How many of you were ready to come out here just to slap the stupid out of me?

Ok, here's the real story:

His name is D. And I met him in my History of the English Language class when we were discussing place of articulation and we were told "Look at the person sitting next to you and go Buh-buh-buh-guh-guh-duh-duh." Nothing like pure stupidity to break the ice, right?

Anyways, we started hanging out, watching movies and stuff and he's a real sweetie and I can't write more because he's sneaky and found my blog (Hi D! Stop reading and shooo!) and keeps mentioning that I haven't mentioned him at all.

I will say, however, that he has Ninja Lips of Doom and is quite fond of the sneak attack kiss.


Lynn said...

Holy Shit.

I was thinking, 'It happened. The Financial Aid crap has finally made her mind snap. We are going to have to stage a freaking intervention cuz there's no way I'm letting her do this!'

Hmmm Ninja Lips of Doom. Much better than seperated drunk old profs with spawn. ;)

Libby said...

I almost had to try and figure out where you live so I could come kick you.

But congrats on finding a normal man :) With a sneak-attack kiss...those are the very very best.

mrspao said...

Phew! I thought we were going to have to come over and take out the drunken prof for a minute. Or check that your brain hadn't been abducted by aliens!

I need a sit down now.

Diane said...

Isn't it funny how we've never met but I know you were telling a story. Scary!

Glad you met someone nice to hang out with.

Chris said...

Ha - I was trying to figure out how I was going to adjust my weekend to fit in a drive down to slap you silly. Glad I don't have to!

Traceyleezle said...

Yeah, I'd so be slappin' you. That was pretty good, you really had me going there. I'm reading and thinking, "What happened to the Ninja Lips of Doom Guy?"

bellamoden said...

Bad bad bad Knitwit, to scare us like that!

Sneak kiss attacks! Awesome.