November 03, 2007

Productive Slacking!

This weekends homework was:

Write two 5-7 page papers
Read 3 chapters for Lit class
Do laundry (OK, not school related but needs to be done in a crazy way)

So what did I do today?

I went to the zoo!

D came with. Just kidding! Actually I sent him a text message yesterday that said something along the lines of "I think I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. Since I can't see you (he works) I'll hang out at the ape house."

This was little Buddha prairie dog.

Beautiful tiger.

I love this shot of the cheetah through the trees.

Yeah, my hand is there for scale purposes with that monster spider.

Tomorrow I'm going to be crazy busy!!!


knittingnurse said...

I love going to the zoo.

Glad you enjoyed your day. Sometimes playing hookie makes it even more enjoyable.

Tee hee

mrspao said...

I've been playing hooky for the last week, too but that's because my work work has been ridiculously busy!

Chris said...

Ya gotta do it sometimes!

Batty said...

At least you had fun. When faced with such daunting tasks, I'd just go do laundry, clean my room, bug my roommate. Going to the zoo is a much better idea.